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Seasonal Air for the Win, When You Are Prepared

I had not had the pleasure of seasonal allergies until I moved to the East Coast. Every fall my allergies give me the business-such a complicated and busy time of the year to be down for the count; but what can one do? Now that I'm a mom I've had to find a workaround for time lost due to allergy related aliments. As we all know, time spent feeling crummy causes us to lag in life, we may experience brain fog and generally lose those extra bursts of energy to plan for ourselves and our children. That time lost feels like no extra sleep, or moments to yourself, or time for meal prep, yoga, a long shower, a walk and sometimes missing out on those things are the difference between having an ok/good day and a bad day. Okay, okay... enough about the negative, let's move on to the workarounds. The following things are weekly, easy to implement items that become activities that promote gross motor movement, cognitive, speech and language opportunities. Here's to being "prepared" so those down for the count moments don't snag our parenting style.

Much Love and Parenting Respect,


So did anyone know that chalk came in so many different shapes, weights, and sizes? We use each size for different purposes but always try to have chalk on hand for those short lived moments where chalk art serves a serious purpose *read excellent toddler distraction*. The large crayon looking size is reserved for outside on walls or sidewalks. The egg shape is great for palming the chalk and can be used on a chalkboard and outdoors. The smallest "schoolhouse" chalk can be used on small writing tablets and chalkboards. As a quick FYI, chalk gives the body and therefore the brain feedback when writing and drawing much better than a smooth experience with dry erase markers on a white board.. so reach for the chalk before reaching for dry erase!

Tunnels. When we can't make it outside because I'm exhausted I literally pop this out in my small row house hallway and meet my son at one end to encourage him to come to me. I also place toys at one end or in the middle for him to explore different aspects of being in the tunnel. The next item on the list can serve as a pretty decent tunnel as well. As a note we love our tunnel because it's useful from when your kiddo is learning to crawl until well after they walk.. it's seriously money well spent due to its usefulness overtime.

The nugget! Or something kinda like it. I know that this kid couch was on back order for the longest but I have to say that it was worth the money and the wait. High quality, fun colors, and many configurations from just four cushions/pillows. This movable piece of furniture helps to exercise the cognitive aspect of play, particularly spatial reasoning. Hint: these make really fun tents when you add blankets to the mix!.

Oooh Oooh Oooh! This looks a bit strange in the picture but it's actually a piece of two sided fabric that looks painted on when wet. When the fabric dries it's like nothing was ever "painted' on it. We paired this lovely fabric with a Melissa and Doug paint brush due to this easy to hold shape for toddler hands. If you don't want to purchase this fabric you can always use a cardboard box and water as it will give you the same effect!

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Sep 05, 2021

Love the tunnel idea, quick fun and definitely easier setups than the old school “forts” lol between setup and clean up you’re exhausted lol

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