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Supportive. Experienced. Certified.

Hello Families! I’m grateful to welcome you to the EdCoSpace community.   As a Mom of one and the founder of EdCoSpace, I want to share why I started the important work of supporting communities, families, and their children.

When I had my son, my 'favorite people' were those who showed neutrality when they imparted their child-raising wisdom. They were sensitive to my needs as a parent and knowledgeable about the development and health of my child. They were caring and experienced in the ebb and flow of parenthood and focused on helping me build the world I wanted for my family.  As a certified Developmental Specialist and certified Special Educator, my goal is to be a favorite person to the families I serve.  I want to help caregivers and families create synergy between the latest research in child development, their daily routines, and the talents and personalities of your littles while considering family time constraints and resources. I hope you feel at home with EdCoSpace- I’m excited to start this journey with you and your family.

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