"Our EdCoSpace consultant was always thoughtful, caring, supportive and genuine.  It was clear that she cared about us as her client and did the necessary work to help us succeed. We loved our experience."

Melanney B.

"Our consultant at EdCoSpace was a passionate educator; she really has a way of connecting with children in order to find how they learn best. She created a safe space of love and calmness in order to eliminate stress and anxieties for our learners."

Kelli S.

"Working with Leigh Sims was inspiring.  She has a keen outlook for cultural sensitivity.  Her ability to individualize curriculum for all her students is one of her many talents." 

Naven D.

"...this may be the most generous and most creative reply I’ve ever received. Your ideas are creative, non-consumerist, genuinely interesting, and provide lots of opportunities for really building relationship together through play. Thank you so much again! I am newly inspired and excited to face the weekend!"

Amanda P.

"Leigh Sims is a compassionate and thoughtful educator.  She listens and helped me out throughout all of our sessions and was always supportive of my child. Everything about her is great and positive!"

Odgerel O. 

"Leigh Sims and EdCoSpace were professional and knowledgeable.  We saw so much growth with guidance and help from Leigh.  Leigh was engaging even having to have sessions remotely.  She was able to communicate strategies we could use at home. We can't say enough good things about or work with Leigh and EdCoSpace."

Carrie F