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I Guess I Should Have Packed....THESE things in My Transportation

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Today we explored a different part of our city. Some close friends, who went from walkable neighbors to a few miles away, invited us to a splash pad in their new community. " Problem was.... what had happened was..." we were at the allergist when we got the invite. Not wanting to pass up a chance to explore new territory and safely visit with our friends we went WITHOUT the proper gear. As a new mom who learns by trial and error, after today, I have decided to sit down and perform a kinesthetic activity to help me remember that "emergency fun" bags should be a thing and should exist in your (my) trunk. Without further ado.. here are the items I recommend parents always have handy for those impromptu situations.

Now Go Pack Yo Car Bag (stroller bag, to go bag, bike bag, metro bag, walking bag).

Much Love and Parenting Respect,


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I wear crocs everyday of my life. I wore them when I was a classroom teacher, I wore them when I was pregnant, I wore them yesterday when I walked five miles across the city. They are comfortable, affordable, SLIPS ONS (and OFF) and best of all waterproof, which makes them one less thing to worry about when it is raining, or you step in a puddle to put your kid on your bike or in the carseat or, when you..... you guessed it, go to the splash park.

You know the eight hundred bajillion muslin receiving blankets you have? Put some in your car to use as your super absorbent and fast drying towel. These mozah towels are organic, soft, five star rated and tagged as gender neutral. Yeaaaaahhh!

Ok, fine.. don't put this in your car because (according to the CDC and a zillion other reputable places), you may decrease the potency of the useful ingredients in sunscreen. Do remember to wear sunscreen everyday.. cloudy, rainy, sunny, snowy- it all matters. We like this Alba product because the EWG has given it a safer rating, and the two ingredients said to impact coral reefs do not exist in this product. Oh yes.. for my more melanated readers (xoxo), it goes on clear. Sweet!!

Need I say a lot about this product? Just remember to keep the right size in your car for those, uh, moments. We typically purchase whatever exists at Costco (for price and quality) but these Honest company training pants, were a luxury I enjoyed from the parent supplies at daycare this summer.

You gotta have spare clothes in the car. If you do not have a slightly stained shirt/pants to add to you bag for after splash park moments there is always this BIPOC owned store that has super cute tees. Today we splashed it up in the overalls we came in, minus the shirt. When we finished we just rode home in the t-shirt we arrived in as well as a diaper bottom.

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