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Juggle, Juggle Catch, JuGgLe CATCH! School is Back in Session!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I'm a mom of one and I am still finding it hard to juggle the mom, partner, business- owner life.

Yesterday, my son and I took a trip to the pediatrician. He entered the lobby with a fiery kick of a soccer ball and continued his interest of the new space by ramming his car into the soft waiting room seat cushions. I was thankful no one said a word to me about what my child should and shouldn't be doing in the space and although my son was happy and having a great time, all I could think about was COVID, being indoors and how long of a wait we would have before being seen. To make it a totally typical day, my son decided that he would take a break, sit on my lap and try to nurse. As we all know, reasoning with a toddler isn't quite a thing, but boy did I try my best. I was throwing out sentences like.. "not now... not here.. we can go to the car and nurse... would you like some water?....where is your monster truck?." It was in that moment a very astute and lovely person walked over to me and asked if I would like to use the comfort room. A sense of relief poured over me and in an instant my mind became freed of the toddler- mom struggle and I could move on to more important things, like WHAT SCHOOL AM I SENDING MY 2.5 YEAR OLD TO in the next two weeks?! If your busy-end- of- summer days resemble mine, check out my shopping list below; it is my hope that this list will lighten your shopping load as you close out the summer and enter Back to School time.

*Paid links below*

This wobble board is perfect for your kiddo to support some safe indoor fun that helps them explore/engage proprioception. Hint- I use it to strengthen my, core, legs and glute when it is not kid occupied.

For those of you who have sent your babies to school before, you know that labels are your wallet's best friend. You can always use a sharpie but I learned the hard way when the sharpie ink bled through the back of his summer tee-shirts, whoops!

This nap mat is great for promoting independence. All your kiddo has to do is flip the attached blanket over the mat and roll the headrest into the rest of the mat to secure with the velcro pieces at the end. When I was in the early childhood classroom, these worked very well in helping children feel accomplished in completing a task!

I dragged my feet looking for the perfect toddler tower. Luckily I entered an open house where the family had a very nice Montessori setup and there they were, 2 toddler towers at their kitchen counter. Elegant, small floor foot print, adjustable and affordable (comparatively).

This bento box was recommended by a friend who is all about utility and strong reviews. The bonus about this specific lunch box is that it is durable, has a rubber casing, is BPA free AND microwavable.

Much love and parenting respect,


"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases."

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Aug 20, 2021

Happy comfort spaces now exist! Good read! ~ Primo

Aug 31, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for taking the time to read respond. Comfort rooms have really come in handy now that my kiddo is older- which really surprises me.

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