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Welcome!   EdCoSpace is here to assist you while meeting children's needs.  

We use a family and community centered support process to boost the development of children, ages birth through five years old.  We take the guesswork out of new or complex caregiving situations by providing resources, modeling strategies, being a thought partner and advocate.   As a personalized resource, we aim to bolster your caregiving "bag of strategies".    If navigating parenting or educational resources alone feels endless and exhausting, if you need help determining next steps for your child's academic path or environment, if you want to ease the daily caregiving grind with the support of an expert, you have made it to the right space, EdCoSpace.    

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Dad and Son Playing
Image by Stephen Andrews
Mother and Baby on Floor


Coaching Families, Supporting Communities, Streamlining Life

Parenting and caregiving work is good work but can sometimes be hard work. EdCoSpace lightens the load by supporting the adults in the child's life, whether that be parents, grandparents, teachers or caregivers. We evolve your child-rearing to be a more fulfilling, joyful and intentional experience.  Through coaching and direct support we provide individualized and effective strategies that encourage growth in the development of young children.

"The best learning, the richest learning for children happens when there's a lot of understanding, and patience but most importantly the giving of your attention. You have to watch your child's moves, and just like in chess, they will tell you where your next move should be- just be sure to follow."

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