Early Childhood Family Specialists & Consultants

EdCoSpace uses a family-centered coaching process to support the development of your youngest family members, ages birth through five years old.  We take the guesswork out of supporting your child's emotional,  social and academic development so you can spend your time enjoying your family instead of researching the 'how-tos' of parenting. 


Our Work

Coaching Families, Streamlining Life

Parent work is good work but can sometimes be hard work. EdCoSpace lightens the load by coaching the adults in the child's life, whether that be parents, grandparents, or caregivers, in joyful, impactful, effective, individualized and researched based strategies that support the development of the youngest family members. EdCoSpace helps parents win in the educational, emotional, and social strides of the child while helping parents win their time back.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, EdCoSpace- could you clarify a few things?

What does a developmental specialist or family consultant do exactly?

We coach parents, we coach caregivers, we coach anyone who is in the life of your child and wants to support the developmentally appropriate acquisition or experience of:
-Social Skills
-Creative Expression
-Gross and Fine Motor Skills
-PLAY (academics)

Can you give me some examples of what a session will look like with EdCoSpace?

Sure! Check out how two of our current clients explain a session!  

"After our initial consultation, our developmental specialist came to us with multiple strategies to help our son with language development as he wasn't babbling much.  Our specialist modeled strategies that didn't disrupt our home schedule and within two weeks we saw real progress in his communication. "

"My partner and I have very busy schedules. Sometimes we have the tendency to mostly purchase items or provide access to activities for our kids instead of what we want to do which is spending that planned and meaningful quality time. Leigh came in and asked us about our wants and found a way to fit all the good stuff into our schedule.  We now have a groove and it's really nice that the initial work was done for us; we could just focus on making memories, you know, sharing in the good moments."    

Ok, I still have more Questions, EdCoSpace!

Great, this is why we are here! Set up a complimentary session with us; we are happy to share our knowledge and support your family!


Meet Our Founder
Leigh Sims

Supportive. Experienced. Certified.


Hello Families! I’m grateful to welcome you to the EdCoSpace community.   As a Mom of one and the founder of EdCoSpace, I want to share why I started the important work of supporting families and their children.

When I had my son, my 'favorite people' were those who showed neutrality when they imparted their child-raising wisdom. They were sensitive to my needs as a parent and knowledgable about the development and health of my child. They were caring and experienced in the ebb and flow of parenthood, and focused on helping me build the world I wanted for my family.  As a certified Developmental Specialist and certified Special Educator my goal is to be 'a favorite person' to the families I serve.  I want to help families create synergy between the latest research in child development, their daily routines, and the talents and personalities of your littles while considering family time constraints and resources. I hope you feel at home with EdCoSpace- I’m excited to start this journey with you and your family.